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Looking for a team-building event to improve your company’s team cohesion in Paris? Paris is home to thousands of unique activities and events that you and your company can take part in, which will put your employees’ skills to the test and strengthen the relationships amongst them. Look no more…

Here’s a list of 10 team-building experiences we can organize for your company.

1. Treasure Hunt:

First and foremost, taking part in a treasure hunt could be one of the best ways to make your employees work together as a team. It’s a fun and exciting way for people to get to know each other better. Treasure Hunts require trust and communication, two things which are vital within a professional company. Collaboration in the work place is much easier when there’s trust and communication amongst employees. 

2. Virtual Reality:

A virtual Reality experience is a great icebreaker for the whole team. It helps employees connect with one another on a fun and personal level. These type of bonds are very beneficial as it will boost teamwork, team spirit and employee engagement within the company. 

3. Escape Room: 

Escape Rooms are a fantastic way for people to build bridges with each other. They require quick thinking and problem solving which is useful within any business. This type of team building event creates trust amongst the employees which is crucial for any business. Moreover, this type of activity can unlock leadership potential, which could be useful for future tasks within the company. 

4. Bar Crawl:

An event such as a Bar Crawl could be a great way for employees to get to know each other in a different environment. It would help break down the boundaries they have with each other and create real genuine connections with one another. Joining a Bar Crawl in Paris will definitely help boost the team morale in the office. If employees get to know each other in a different light, they are more likely to work better together at work. 

5. Boat Party:

Another great way to maintain motivation and boost team spirit is to attend a boat party in Paris. This type of team-building experience allows people to truly get to know one another outside of a work setting. When a team forms personal connections with each other, it will help create a high-functioning team with lots of energy and purpose. 

6. Food tours:

Food tours are a great team-building event because it gives the employees the opportunity to get to know one another in a relaxed environment outside of work. It is important that the team form friendships with one another so they can communicate with each other easily at work.Your team will feel more comfortable to voice their concern with each other and therefore resolve problems in the workplace. 

7. Wine tasting:

Wine tasting is a perfect way for a team to learn new things together. It is a great team building experience which allows people to engage and have fun, which is the main purpose of team building. Tasting lots of different delicious wines allows the entire team to have fun outside of a work setting. By getting to know one another in this way, it creates better connections in the workplace and therefore they will perform better at work. 

8. Cooking class:

Motivation is a powerful thing and will allow your company to thrive. One of the main purposes of team building is to increase motivation in the work place. An event like a cooking class is a relaxed and unique environment for the team to get to know each other and have fun whilst doing so. 

9. Laser Tag:

Team building allows people to become more comfortable with one another. This means people will be more willing to share ideas and brainstorm with each other at the workplace. Laser Tag is the perfect ice breaking experience which would allow for better team collaboration. 

10. Limo Party:

Similar to Laser Tag, a Limo party in Paris is the perfect way to break down the boundaries between the team members and allow them to have fun outside of the work place. This would make them more comfortable with each other at the workplace and increase productivity. 

Team Building events are so important and useful for companies because they help to increase trust, develop collaboration, improve motivation, highlight strengths and address possible weaknesses. So if you are interested in taking part in any of the above activities that Paris offers, get in touch and we can help arrange your corporate team building experience. 

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