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Are you trying to plan your perfect Proposal in Paris?

It might seem intimidating trying to figure out the perfect way to propose but we’re here for you. We can help you organize the most romantic and magical proposal, so you’ll never forget this day!

Thanks to Paris’ beautiful architecture, incredible gastronomy, and much more, Paris has gained its title as the City of Love. It is arguably the most romantic place on earth, hence perfect for a surprise proposal. In fact, Paris is a proposal hotspot with up to 10,000 proposals taking place each year. We can help plan your special moment and create a core memory for you that will last a lifetime. 

Why choose us as your Proposal Planner?

Paris is the perfect place to pop the question of whether you want a public proposal or an intimate one, the City of Love truly has it all when it comes to proposing. As your proposal planner we will tailor your engagement entirely to your needs. A public proposal could be the better option as your partner will not suspect that they are about to be proposed to, it will be a magical surprise for them. 

What’s the best way to propose in Paris?

There’s really not a one-size-fits-all answer to this question. It depends on your preferences. For example, if you want a public proposal, you will be surrounded by people cheering for you during your magical moment. You will have people celebrating your future married life together alongside you.

Ideas for public proposals in Paris:

Well, there are limitless public proposal options in Paris, for example, every girl’s dream is to be proposed in front of the Eiffel Tower just like in the movies. Imagine proposing at sunset on the top of the Eiffel tower or in the park in front of it. You can’t get much more romantic than this! Another option is going on a cruise on the River Seine and proposing to your significant other whilst sailing through the City of Light.

Other possible ideas to consider are proposing in front of the Notre Dame, the Louvre Museum or even after a night of watching the cabaret at the Moulin Rouge.

Would you like your proposal in Paris to be more private?

On the other hand, if your partner is more private, a personal, intimate proposal is the best option for you. This way you can celebrate just the two of you and really take in this special moment together. Imagine a private, candle-lit picnic at sunset where you and your partner can enjoy a romantic ambiance and celebrate your future life together. 

Capture the perfect Proposal!

A perfect Parisian proposal wouldn’t be complete without a professional photoshoot. Organizing a photo session would be the best option to capture this special moment. If you organize a photoshoot in Paris for your proposal, you have full flexibility to choose your time and schedule. This means that your partner won’t suspect anything and won’t be suspicious as to why you’re rushing to get somewhere. Not only will this capture the very moment you propose but it will also capture your once-in-a-lifetime trip to Paris.

You can also request a professional photographer to turn up at a certain time and certain place to capture your special moment. Professional photos will allow you to keep your memories from your trip to Paris and your proposal forever. We can provide you with the best local English-speaking photographers who will snap all the best angles of your proposal. 

Impress your other half traveling around like a VIP in Paris!

We can make your magical moment that extra bit special by organising a limo service to take you to and/or from your proposal location. The soon to be Mr and Mrs deserve to celebrate in style. What better way to celebrate than with a limo pick up, champagne and it drives you to your dinner reservation? This professional limo service we can organise for you will truly make your loved one feel so special, like they’re only person in the world. The limo can drive you to your dinner and then to the Moulin Rouge to watch the Cabaret! 

Before you choose us to organise your perfect Paris proposal, here are some of our tips on how to propose to your significant other: 

  • Be yourself! Yourself is the best person you can be. No need to put on a front and pretend to be someone you’re not.
  • Discreetly find out their ring size in advance! You don’t want to pop the question and then the ring not fit properly.
  • Definitely get down on one knee! You want your other half to feel special and have that romantic moment with you.
  • Turn up the romance by adding roses and candles!

Now its time to stop stressing and let us organise your dream proposal for you! Contact us and we can make your vision come true and give you memories that you will never forget. 

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